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Award For The Dye Garden

In the presence of the Bundestag MP Sylvia Jörrißen (CDU), the mayor of the city of Hamm. Monika Simshäuser and numerous members of the Generationengarten eV interest group were presented with the first chairman Dieter Leder by the Mayor Thomas Hunsteger Petermann during a ceremony in the Maximilianpark in the city of Hamm’s environmental award 2016.

In the laudation, the special commitment to creating a dyeing garden in the generation garden was emphasized.

In the generation garden, the production of natural colors is carried out by students of all

ages and residents of a senior citizen. It is a cross-generational project for sustainable work with natural raw materials. At the same time, an old art of coloring and painting is revived.

The environmental award is an incentive for us as a community of interests and operator of the garden to further develop the project.

The sevengardens team would like to endorse this praise. The actions of Dieter Leder and his group already radiate to Peru. The Ruhr area is known for its civic engagement and informal power that works in the allotments. sevengardens_Hamm is best practice for this and encourages copying.

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